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During college I did a lot of different jobs. Working in an overnight liquor store. Working on a farm. Working as a caterer. As a delivery truck driver. Even selling electricity door-to-door to people who already had it. Each of these jobs taught me something unique that I am now applying in my career, but what they made me realize is that what I’m good at is understanding people.

Need to know what your customer is thinking, how to progress your brand or how to communicate your unique selling proposition? I can help.

I have over six years of experience in the fields of brand strategy and advertising. I’ve also clocked 5 years of University, which totals thousands of hours writing, thinking and working in this field.

Working as a strategist taught me the most: to work with people, to figure out their needs and motivations and to show up prepared to add value to everyone’s lives. It takes passion to run a study, humor and leadership to keep people checked in and great communication skills to provide useful feedback.

I’m passionate about the intersection of technology and research, and currently apply my strengths and interests as Co-Founder & COO of Respondent; a platform for recruiting and scheduling participants for any type of research study.

Below are links to my social media accounts and some articles that I’ve written that I’m proud of. If you see something you like, I’m only an e-mail or a tweet away (@harri_thomas). Or, if you live in New York and would like to get a beer some time, I’d be up for that too.

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The Acid

Theirs is noise directed by an ability to access everything, from everywhere, at a moment’s notice. It is the musical embodiment of information freedom – informed, intricate, bold and imbibed with the feeling that anything is possible. For it is, in effect, the sound of the Internet.

Eternity Stew

Amongst the rolling litter and passing Cadillacs of downtown Bushwick, Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao hone their […]

Sam Chirnside

Recurring motifs, geometric patterns and optical illusions serve to amplify the free form nature of Chirnside’s psychedelic […]

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The collected writings of Harri Thomas - Interviews & innovation

Innovative ventures. Creative pursuits. Writer. Insights Professional. Brand Strategist. Digital Venturist. Social Media Aficionado & Sustainability enthusiast.

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